TLC Music Group should be regarded as a music company rather than a record company. Where a record company is
focused on exploiting the recorded product of an artist, a music company aims to exploit the full spectrum of revenue
opportunities within the industry. TLC Music Group’s physical content is distributed worldwide through TLC Music
Group and digital content is distributed via itunes Worldwide.

Marketable music with an attack business plan and a significant budget Whether it’s Rock, Gospel, R & B, Rap  Hip
Hop, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Pop, etc. Marketable music is one of the factors. However, great music without a plan or a
budget is just great music and not a return on investment as intended. If you’re not willing to invest into your own
project, you’re not ready for distribution. From our research every distributor is different. Some want labels or artists
with previous, successful releases. We too seek companies and artists with proof of prior sales as well. However, we
are known for our trademark strategies on launching new artists and products without track record of successes.
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