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Two Lost Cities Distributing is constantly adding promising independent labels to our
roster of record labels. Many of our labels are artist-owned and have only a few
releases. We review the following information before accepting a label for distribution

1. Your marketing and business plans.
2. Your release schedule over the next 12 calendar months.
3. Your history with other distributors, if any

If you own a record label or are a musician planning your own independent release and
are interested in talking to us about distribution of your product, please send a demo of
your product and the above information, along with a press kit to our address below.
Please limit the amount of product you send to us. We do not accept product from a label
for distribution until we have a signed distribution agreement. Any product or materials
we receive will be considered free promotional goods and will not be returned. Please
include any other questions you may have along with your response.
Thank you.

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