About Us
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In 2004, two individuals with a love of music established Two Lost Cities, L.L.C, now a
growing music company.  Our goal is to create innovative and diverse music, and to
develop up & coming songwriters, producers and artists.  Since inception, the company
has made significant progress – obtaining a small distribution deal through Sony which
provides our artists exposure to national retail markets, and creating a network with local
and national college radio stations.  The founders would like to expand the company into
the following other areas of entertainment: Two Lost Cities Records, Circle P Recording
Studio, and Le Vil Visions Film Company.  
Legal Representation

Aaron W. Davis, Esq., Focuses his practice in
counseling and formulating intellectual property
management and marketing strategies for
independent record labels and artists. Mr. Davis is
active in the local urban music scene and has helped
facilitate a number of projects, concerts, and
Phone: (612) 349-5754 Office
Email: davis@ptslaw.com